John Henry Newton


Limited Digital Bronze Edition for London Bronze Casting 2021

‘During Lockdown No. 1 in Spring 2020, with all live performances with my band John cancelled as a result of the pandemic, I began to interview a series of housebound musicians through Instagram from the desk in my childhood home, where I first began my journey in creative pursuits. Having been forced to respond quickly to the altered circumstances, I similarly quickly constructed a basic stand for my phone in order to conduct these interviews - a crude collection of ‘close to hand’ objects that were selected to offer a secondary function, aside from their usual: ink cartridges, a post it note holder, a pile of CDs etc. The piece can be considered as both a sculpture and a desktop phone holder that could also be used for calls/interviews.’

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Artist, B. Swindon, UK, 1988. Lives and works in London.

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