John Henry Newton


Published by Dent-De-Leone, 2019

Laserprinted A4 pages, Screenprinted covers on found posters, Staples.


Written in between performances of a month-long tour, John Henry Newton’s ‘November’ documents a series of reactions whilst on this unique journey travelling across numerous countries and borders. The texts occupy the gap between our sense of interior and exterior, recording the sometimes baffling relationship between ourselves and the external world. Newton deliberately subverts the ocularcentric traditions of a ‘tour’, choosing not to show any image-based evidence of the events. This, in turn, offers the reader the opportunity to reconstruct the scenes imaginatively through the meander of the text and space. Produced in collaboration with designers Åbäke, the physical book was also created on a secondary tour, with individual sections printed at different locations. The limitations of each site offered a variety of materials and processes, and In this sense, the production reenacted the content in order to dictate the physical form.

Artist, B. Swindon, UK, 1988. Lives and works in London.

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